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TopGearbox was launched back in 2007 – and since then we’ve worked away in our spare time collecting information and piecing it all together to eventually create the site you see here today.

TopGearbox is not a site for you to illegally download episodes – we will not publish links to any Top Gear torrents or downloads and will remove any comments from people asking for them. Illegally downloading Top Gear episodes strips money away from the very people who create the show. Buy them on DVD or Blu-ray. Where possible, TopGearbox episode guides will also link to relevant YouTube videos, uploaded by BBC Worldwide. It is worth noting that the soundtrack in these uploaded videos has been changed to generic music, in order to avoid expensive international licensing costs.

While all due care is taken to ensure the guides are free from spelling or grammatical errors, we’re not perfect. For now, we hope you enjoy what is currently available and any feedback or suggestions via comments in our posts are most welcome.

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  1. Alberto Leal

    Great website! I use it all the time when I need to know which Top Gear episode I want to watch. I do have one suggestion. A lift of Firsts. such First Epic Race. First Roadtrip or even First Ever Controversy. It would be fun to search episodes with such lists. Keep up the good work. Take care!

  2. WOWWW this website is simply AMAZING. Glad i found this site because this is what i have been looking for in really long time. Its the one stop place for all the Top Gear fans around the world. Thank you for taking your time and effort to make this.

    Fan :)

  3. My new homepage. This is one of the greatest things created… besides the show, obviously :)

  4. This site is everything a top gear fan would want, and everything you did! It’s amazing. Finding episodes is easy, and they all have good discriptions. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you did for all the people who use this site, and people who hoppfally find it. And I think this site is better then top gears actual site

  5. Jim Crawford

    I’m a long time Top Gear and Formula 1 fan. I’m watching Qualifying at the Belgian Gran Prix at Spa today, and a brilliant idea occurred to me for a future episode of Top Gear. Why not do a Top Gear segment at Spa with a Bugatti Veyron, much like Captain Slow at the VW Test Track in Germany. Top speed 416 km as I recollect. Have James do a few laps, and also a top racing driver for a few laps. It might be an interesting comparison, if Bugatti would agree to it. Great show!! Thanks from all the Gear Heads and loyal fans.

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