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About TopGearbox

My name is Sean and I created TopGearbox all the way back in 2008. I originally started working on it with the goal of creating the most in-depth Top Gear information site on the internet.


Having had many years of experience owning and administering online forums, I felt that launching TopGearbox as a forum would naturally be the best way to put information out there easily and get people involved. I spent a few months populating the forum with information about Top Gear episodes (starting at season 1), however it soon became clear that the forum software was over complicating everything. Users were forced to register just to get involved – and then there’s post and user moderation, spam control, enforcing forum rules and an inefficient forum search engine to top it all off. Who’s got time for all that?

In early 2009 I started looking for more suitable CMS software and ended up migrating what information I had across to a WordPress installation. WordPress gave me a an excellent foundation on which I could continue building TopGearbox and collate episode information more easily and efficiently. This would involve individually watching every episode and then manually typing information into a Word Document at the same time.


In the years that followed, TopGearbox went from a website that was lucky to see 10 visitors per day, to one which now sees several thousand per day. The goal hasn’t changed – TopGearbox is still a site that helps Top Gear fans find out breaking news about the show, plus more importantly it acts as an index to help those same fans track down old episodes which featured particular vehicles or segments. The amount of information is huge. Episode synopsis, episode guides, Stig quotes, Power lap times, Star lap times, episode screenshots – plus tagging every single vehicle, location or event into a searchable database.

The feedback I receive from comments are fantastic. The photos of WWJCD or POWER! stickers on the back of your Golf GTI’s and Subaru Impreza’s are also incredibly awesome to see. I even saw one on the rear window of a Reliant Robin from Phoenix Arizona!

However, please remember that TopGearbox has taken an incredible amount of my time to put together – and it’s also an ongoing task. I work a 9 to 5 job to pay the mortgage and support my family – and TopGearbox will always be just a glorified hobby of mine. But I built this site for all the Top Gear fans around the world and in the end that is what it all comes back to. Knowing that TopGearbox is being used by thousands of people on a daily basis means more to me than anything else, but any form of additional support is always appreciated.

How you can help

Show your support by getting involved! Have your say on our news stories or episode guides by submitting comments. You can also follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest Top Gear news or purchase an original TopGearbox sticker design from our Online Store.

Thank you for your support and I look forward to continuing to bring you the latest Top Gear news and episode information into the future.


Sean @ TopGearbox
Brisbane, Australia

  • Alberto Leal

    Great website! I use it all the time when I need to know which Top Gear episode I want to watch. I do have one suggestion. A lift of Firsts. such First Epic Race. First Roadtrip or even First Ever Controversy. It would be fun to search episodes with such lists. Keep up the good work. Take care!

    • TopGearbox

      Thanks for the suggestion!
      Whilst I don’t have any lists on the site at the moment, the Episode Search page does have a handy list of tags which might help you. Try these:

      These will give you lists of all the epic races / epic roadtrips in order of newest to oldest. Simply go to the last one on the list and it’ll be their very first one!

  • MR

    WOWWW this website is simply AMAZING. Glad i found this site because this is what i have been looking for in really long time. Its the one stop place for all the Top Gear fans around the world. Thank you for taking your time and effort to make this.

    Fan :)

    • TopGearbox

      You’re welcome and thanks for the feedback!

  • TyTN

    My new homepage. This is one of the greatest things created… besides the show, obviously :)

    • Sean

      Thanks bud!

  • Cole

    This site is everything a top gear fan would want, and everything you did! It’s amazing. Finding episodes is easy, and they all have good discriptions. I appreciate all the hard work and effort you did for all the people who use this site, and people who hoppfally find it. And I think this site is better then top gears actual site

    • Sean

      Thanks for your feedback Cole. We certainly appreciate it.

  • Jim Crawford

    I’m a long time Top Gear and Formula 1 fan. I’m watching Qualifying at the Belgian Gran Prix at Spa today, and a brilliant idea occurred to me for a future episode of Top Gear. Why not do a Top Gear segment at Spa with a Bugatti Veyron, much like Captain Slow at the VW Test Track in Germany. Top speed 416 km as I recollect. Have James do a few laps, and also a top racing driver for a few laps. It might be an interesting comparison, if Bugatti would agree to it. Great show!! Thanks from all the Gear Heads and loyal fans.

  • gavkerley

    This website is the best thing ever i Love the sightings of the forcoming series and the ramdom episode picker everthing you News for Top Gear is here well done Keep us posted on anything and everthing you find

    • TopGearbox

      Thanks Gav!

  • Biggest USA fan-I’ll bet on it

    I have a POWER sticker on the back of my mini-van except I am in Tucson, Arizona, not Phoenix………. although I am hoping to one day move to London when I have the money- all because of Top Gear

  • hjg

    am i missing something? the video mutes 10 minutes in.

  • hjg

    oh gotta click on next segment got it

  • CMGW

    saw jeremy Clarkson at Vancouver airport yesterday

  • AdamD

    I am a huge fan of top gear, I’ve watched every episode 1000s of times over. This website is brilliant for top gear fans.
    Well done

    • TopGearbox

      Sounds like me!

  • Sander

    You should add Top Gears “The perfect road trip” to the website as well. I kinda miss them not beeing here.

    Love the website btw!

    • TopGearbox

      It’s something I am looking at doing. Jeremy has a huge back catalogue of DVD’s and I also think it’d be cool to have information on here for all of them.

  • mleko wypasione

    page is brilliant but i can’t watch videos at fullscreen there

  • JacobS28

    I think this website is brilliant and especially for those who like to watch top gear without it being cut either by the BBC or Dave it’s great. I was wondering if you were looking at getting the website to work with mobile devices, the thoughts of top gear on the go would be cool. But to be honest I think TopGearBox is brill

    • TopGearbox

      Thanks for the feedback Jacob. A few months ago I redesigned the website to perform well on both desktop and mobile devices, however the only issue remaining is the video streams (hosted by require flash.

      In truth I never actually wanted to have episode streams on TGB – I want the site to be more of a Top Gear encyclopaedia instead of a place to find streams. However, many other websites provide them already and TGB would have fallen to the wayside if I didn’t follow suit…

  • hjg

    Top Gear is 1 of my favorite shows. This site ROCKS!!! Not only can I watch what ever episode I want, I also get the uncut version. I get to see stuff I’ve hadn’t seen before when I’ve been watching for years. Spread the word. I don’t want this site disappear. I’ve even got my bro into it and he doesn’t like watching stuff the net because he’s old school and likes his TV. And for any of those viewers who say it should be more serious should sod off. I wouldn’t watch if they weren’t being a bunch of dopes. Here’s to many more years of “Top Gear”. ;o)

  • Andrew

    Top stuff Sean, incredibly informative, keep it coming. Andrew M

  • hjg

    Absolutely love this site. I noticed top gear festivals and others weren’t on here and haven’t been able to find online. I know you’re busy but that would be awesome if they were added. Thanx for taking the time to create this site. I wuv it.

  • PC PanAm

    I really appreciate this website, your stickers and your Redbubble stuff. Thanks for all your work!

    I was wondering, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you maybe produce a decal like the ‘WWJCD’ one, but with ‘YOBBO’ instead?
    I understand this is supposed to be a fun hobby, so no pressure.

    Thanks again for all you do!

  • Yas

    Why do we have to pay for the episodes now??

  • John Marks

    I’m living in Peru and up until a few days ago I could see all of the Top Gear Episodes for free. Now I can’t even pay to see them. WTF, over?

  • Paul

    Why do we have to pay for the episodes now? And why do you keep removing my comment?

  • Steve

    Did the BBC get on you for hosting free episodes?

  • Surestliar

    I have just recently found your site and it’s a great place to be. Having had a good look around, it occurred to me that we think the same in many ways; certainly regarding Top Gear. Thanks for creating this website.

    • TopGearbox

      Thank you sir. I am glad you like it – and you’re welcome!

  • benb

    Jeremy clarcson only did this to get the hypercar track comparison test into series 22 thats the only reason he got suspended and thats pretty awesome

  • Zechariah Hahn

    If Top Gear is no more, but the three presenters that we all love do move on to another network in a new show (but same idea), will you please turn this website into a fan site for that show, but still keep the last 22 episodes of Top Gear available? I’m all Top Gear fans are in agreement, am I right?

    • Sean@TopGearbox

      Good question Zechariah. I can promise you that I’ll continue to cover Top Gear like I do now, but if Jeremy moves on to a new project (either by himself or with Richard and James) I’ll be covering that too.

      It wouldn’t be on TopGearbox itself though – instead I’d build a sister-site of sorts. I am actually building one at the moment for the Discovery Channel Show ‘Wheeler Dealers’ ( which uses the same formatting that everyone is comfortable with.

      • Zechariah Hahn

        Thanks. Glad to know that TopGearBox will live on.

  • Catherine

    Sean, just wondering if you’re in London and available for short pre-recorded TV interview about Clarkson (BBC decision today)….. This is for Channel News Asia which broadcasts from Singapore across SE Asia….yes they’re watching there. could you email me on

  • Top

    Thank you for creating this website. Its fantastic

  • Anirudh

    Thanks for the website, even before all this stuff thats happening, it was the best place to come and find a good episode to sit down, relax and watch!
    just one thing, i’m not sure if its just me, but every time i try to go into a series tab, it just redirects me to the home page :/ i’m not sure if this is on my end or yours!

    thanks again!!!!

    • Sean@TopGearbox

      Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed now.

  • jo

    so sad that top gear has end

  • alvaro

    Clarkson is going to be on Have I got news for you on the BBC1 on april 24.

  • alvaro

    Dou you think there is a remote chance that Jeremy will come back?

    • Sean@TopGearbox

      Not a chance.

  • Craig Chambers

    Has there ever been a doc or history of Top Gear show made? Going back to 1977?