Top Gear: Series 1, Episode 4

Sean McKellar
Jeremy and Damon Hill test the Aston Martin Vanquish & Ferrari 575. Jeremy talks to WRC Champion Richard Burns. Jason Dawe recommends which Nissan Skyline to get as a second hand buy. Richard compares a bunch of 2.0L mid-sized cars....

Top Gear: Series 1, Episode 3

Sean McKellar
Jeremy roadtests the new Mini, then compares it against the Toyota Yaris Verso. What is the best looking car ever made? Richard and Jeremy compare. Richard hosts the Top Gear Granny Doughnut Challenge. Insider Dealing with Jason Dawe. The Westfield...

Top Gear: Series 1, Episode 1

Sean McKellar
Jeremy tests a Citroen Berlingo Multispace by taking to France. The Ford GT40 concept car is in the studio. Jeremy pitches the Pagani Zonda against the Lamborghini Murcielago. The Stig and the test track are introduced. Richard sees if you...