Wheeler Dealers Series 9

Wheeler Dealers: S9 E13 – BMW Isetta 300

Budget: £10,000
Purchase Price: £6,800
Final Cost: £10,500
Selling Price: £12,000
Profit/Loss: +£1,500

Work Completed: Rear brake shoes replaced and rear brake drum skimmed, rubber gear linkage grommets replaced, flares on front wheel arches and rusty lower part of the near side wheel arch cut out and replaced with new panels, whole car sanded to bare metal and resprayed from yellow to factory Japan Red and Feather White colour combination, perished window rubber seals replaced, new front and rear chrome bumpers fitted, new narrower rim steel wheels fitted, headlight pods chromed instead of repainted, interior re-trimmed with custom vinyl panels, missing vinyl bench seat custom made to match body colour, steering wheel refurbished using original moulds.

Notes: Rear brake locked up shortly after purchase and car had to be towed back to the garage. Sold at asking price to BMW Heritage UK for use as a Museum and Press Fleet car.

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