The Grand Tour

Jeremy, Richard and James sign with Amazon Prime

Sean McKellar
Well, finally the news we’ve all been waiting for – ex Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May have finally signed up to present a new show – with the winner being the streaming provider Amazon. The...

Top Gear rival could be made in USA

Sean McKellar
A throwaway remark by Jeremy Clarkson has fuelled speculation that he, Richard Hammond and James May might end up heading to the United States to develop their new car show. During the Australian leg of his worldwide stadium tour, Clarkson...

Jeremy promises ‘New Top Gear’ in all but name

Sean McKellar
Jeremy Clarkson struck a contrite note earlier this week in his first interview since being dropped from Top Gear. Talking to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, Jeremy said that his departure from the show was “my own silly fault”...