Top Gear Cool Wall

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This is a re-creation of Top Gear’s most current Cool Wall. Just like the real Cool Wall, some cars which were placed in older episodes may have been removed in order to make space for new ones.

TopGear haven’t used the Cool Wall for a long time now, and we may not ever see it on the show again. However, if you’d like to have a say on where cars should go on a brand new wall, check out our Reddit /r/topgear Cool Wall – in conjunction with our friends over at /r/topgear.


  1. There is no DB9 Super Cool fridge. Where is it?

  2. Where is the Avantime ? Its iconic,orig and you all loved it ! ?????

  3. Since Top Gear has a “Super Cool Fridge” for cars that are beyond super cool, there should be a toilet on the other end of the cool wall for cars that are so horrendously bad they don’t even deserved to be called seriously uncool.

  4. juan ortiz

    i think the 2008-2012 entry level subaru impreza saloon was overlooked for the cool section of the wall. not the impreza wrx or the sti but the low range model. it has all wheel drive, it has a very smooth engine and drive, a considerate amount of power for a small affordable car, more than most cars almost twice as expensive…

  5. Why is the Rambo Lambo in the seriously uncool?

    • ShortHammond

      Clarkson owns one. That’s the rules; if May, Clarkson or Hammond own a car, it can’t be considered cool. If Clarkson sells it I’m sure it’ll be bumped up.

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