Find a Random Episode
Find a Random Episode

Which episodes are the best? A complete Top Gear episode ranking list.

Posted by on Mar 20, 2012 | 5 comments

Late last year we released our list of the Top 10 Best Top Gear episodes – a kind of ‘go to’ list for people wanting to see the very best of Top Gear.

Now though, we’re proud to release our complete ranking list for every Top Gear episode ever made! Every episode guide on TopGearbox has it’s own Star Rating (out of 10) – and it is by using these ratings that we are able to produce this dynamic rating list.

All of the ratings have been submitted by YOU, and all of the other users – and we thank you! See an episode on the list which you feel should be either higher or lower? Make sure you place your vote to help it.

EDIT: This live list is no longer available, as we’re planning to publish Top 20 lists every few months based on your votes. In the meantime, check out our 2012 Top Gear Top 20 list!


    I LOVE YOU TOP GEAR! you guys are the best and so fun to watch. never stop making episodes. cars for life!

  • Bobbsy Fredricson

    U R GOOD =D

  • frank

    sometimes I talk to my self

    • frank

      me too!

      • frank

        that is crazy because I do the same thing!


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